McCullers Group Principal Mark McCullers joined a group of sports industry executives on the One Soccer Nation podcast recently to discuss the critical steps and ins and outs of launching a professional soccer club in the United States.  

The discussion, which covered topics like financial considerations, market selection, club and venue development, community partnerships, and fan engagement, was moderated by One Soccer Nation founder and host Kareem Rae.  

“As much as I enjoy sharing my perspective on panels like this, I always learn a lot, too,” said Mark McCullers, who has 30 years’ experience on the ownership, operational, and advisory sides of pro soccer, sports facilities, and real estate. “Kareem does a great job bringing smart, experienced people like Steven (Short), Chris (Keeney), Fred (Mathes), and Doug (Erwin) together and leading a lively conversation. This one was particularly timely and enjoyable, especially knowing and having worked with everyone on the panel.”  

The episode is available on the One Soccer Nation YouTube channel and a variety of other popular podcast platforms.