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Taking your development from idea to opening can be a daunting task. Having an advisor with the exact intelligence and unique experience that process takes can make it a whole lot less so. From financing and site selection to design, construction management, and operations, we provide owners like you with bespoke solutions and services that are not only turnkey, but will tenaciously protect your interests; reduce meetings, mistakes and headaches; and ensure your vision is delivered on time, on budget, and as profitably as possible.

MSG also can advise event organizers regarding brand development, fan experience, revenue optimization and logistics. 
Development Planning
There are lots of complex problems to solve during the planning process for your development. You need to decide what all you want it to do, where to put it, what it’ll cost, how much it can make, how to pay for it, how to build it, and how to operate it. If any of those aren’t resolved right, you can wind up with costly overruns or a flawed result. We help you make timely, informed decisions that maximize performance and reduce cost while freeing you and your team up for other things. And we do it all from your point of view. Because we’ve been an operator, too.
Project Management
The “work” phase of your project is incredibly detailed and busy. The most valuable thing you can have during this phase is someone who understands the people and processes so they can protect your best interests, ensure quality, maximize value, and optimize performance. As your representative, we can manage any and all aspects of your project from pre-construction to opening and make sure your vision, interests, and budget remain top of mind at all times.
Operational Optimization
Getting your development open costs money. Operating it makes money. That’s obviously the most important part, and it’s something we love helping clients do. From venue operations and franchise consulting to event management and marketing, we’ll find ways to streamline your operations while delivering exceptional experiences for your guests. Our team has been involved with some of the biggest events in the world, from Super Bowls and World Cups to major music festivals, so we know all about optimizing properties and maximizing profits.
Event Marketing and Management
Our comprehensive planning phase defines key elements of a project and creates a framework for owners to move forward with confidence.