McCullers Group Principal Mark McCullers and Director of Client Services Cortland McCullers recently shared their insights on sports-anchored real estate development as guests on the One Soccer Nation podcast.  

The duo sat down with One Soccer Nation Founder and CEO Kareem Rae to discuss the evolution of America’s professional soccer pathway, the challenges of modern club ownership, the growing need for soccer infrastructure in the US, the rise of stadium-anchored mixed-use developments, and the ins and outs of stadium pre-development, among other topics.   

“With the World Cup coming to home soil in just a few years, we’re at a key inflection point in the growth of soccer here in America,” said Mark McCullers, who has 30 years’ experience in and around the sport, including a decade as President and General Manager of Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew. “It’s an exciting time to be in the industry, to see all the growth and interest around the sport, and to be working with so many passionate league leaders, owners and communities to make the most of it.”  

“Team ownership and stadium development are never simple,” added Cortland McCullers, who helps oversee the planning, project management, and optimization services McCullers Group provides. “But with detailed planning and the right advice, owners and their community partners can create legacy projects that leave an immeasurable impact. That’s something we’re always excited to be a part of.” 

The McCullers’ episode is available on the One Soccer Nation YouTube channel and a variety of other popular podcast platforms.